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Sergey Feoktistov - LinePart Autoparts
Guys from "MstarProject" – are young well-coordinated team under the guidance of competent programmers.
Quality support, prompt feedback, excellent knowledge of modern technologies, work on the result - these qualities are very rarely seen in young people.
Thank you, guys. I am very grateful for your work and wish you further development in the same manner!
Kamil Aliev - Partmaster
Auto parts website «Mpanel» Content Management System - this is actually a solution to our problems arose at the start of Partmaster. On the one hand, it facilitates the current tasks for complex orders in auto parts resolving, on the other - it is the engine of innovation.
We hope for further productive cooperation with a team of programmers. We believe that every day in conjunction with MstarProject staff we improve our business and simplify the relationship with our customers.
Good luck and and prosperity.
Vitaliy Kosoy – Modiliani Brand Cloths Shop
When our company decided to set up shop – we focused on indicators of quality but not cheapness. For over two years MstarProject proves in practice, that we are paying money for a quality product.
We were offered a convenient content management system integrated with our 1C base. Either at the start or now we have no difficulties: they understand us and solve all tasks.
Valerijus Fomenko - Interauto
I want to thank the Company "MstarProject" for the prompt resolution of all the problems, detailed explanations and assistance throughout the website development and support cycle.
Thank you very much for convenient modules and for good cohesive team which is pleasant to work with.
Alexander Gagalyuk – Elite Ukraine
I support the Mstar strategy. Car business is very specific, and the market needs professionals. Add to it, a relatively new sales channel, e-commerce - dangerous mix for most. Mstar team works just at the intersection. They succeed well. I believe every day it will be better.
Nikita Kinner -
Guys solve many problems professionally. It is heard rarely: "This can not be done".
Alexander Rybalchenko -
Solutions for auto parts and goods online retail provided by MstarProject are, in our opinion, the best of the existing ready-made solutions available on the market. The ability to adapt and develop the project within the broad framework is an indisputable advantage of the products of Company MstarProject.
Oleg Pakhomov -
I recommend! Generally, I am satisfied with the cooperation and choice!
The product is at the top range of auto parts websites (I see no more than 3 companies within Russian-speaking market as your competitors). Accessory, oil and some other sections need to be smartened, I saw more convenient. But as it was said earlier, I\\'m happy with cooperation with you! Working with various auto parts suppliers and sellers I see that they need to consider and completely change their website with your product.

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