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Stock-list Elite and prices ViDi Parts


Stock-list Elite and prices ViDi Parts

We launched the module and at the moment we are negotiating with other suppliers to provide their data to our customers. The essence of the module is that we are negotiating with major suppliers and distributors to provide their data, such as "pictures, names, characteristics, applicability" of parts. We will quickly integrate these data to our websites and provide for sale to our customers.

Today the module is available for the supplier Elite Ukraine. Description of the module can be read on the link Suppliers stock-list: pictures, names, characteristics, applicability.

Also the known car importer Vidigrup\' company Widi Parts price is available for installation within the partner program. File is in attachment. To set this price you need to send us a request and we will set it to your project. Also we will provide you with contacts of manager responsible for liaising with wholesale customers.