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frequently asked questions

The ICO Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise
& proven record in finance, development, marketing.

A short cut to solve all the questions and order the site is coming to us on a business trip for a day, usually such a meeting takes 4-7 hours to resolve all issues and demonstrate the required functionality under the cost sheet. If needed, I can send a model project cost sheet for more substantive discussion.

Front end development is a design chopped into small images and format html template formed. That is, if the picture design can only be seen in a different scale, it is already possible to estimate the front end development in different browsers at different resolutions. A software engine is installed to the accomplished front end development and the website becomes fully operational.

There is the uploading to Excel of the status "New" orders to supplier. Also there is the so-called auctions module, used to distribute orders between suppliers. There is no ready universal solution to automate ordering to suppliers.

The package Standard includes the simplest pricing scheme: the incoming margin is added to the price of the supplier and the customer discount is subtracted. Within the initial cost sheet any modified pricing scheme may be implemented: with special margins on product groups, for brands, for price gaps etc.

Foremost a site is software, allowing to automatize different processes: from socializing with the clients, to treatment of orders and conduct on-line of account or collection of statistics.

It is a web server appendix, analogical the program. Only CMS works in a browser and does not require setting. All that needs you - бзоузер and access in the internet.

Time depends on complication of project and from quality of intercourse of all participants of development of project. If you have experience of development of web server of the systems - it enormous plus for us.

Our a distinguishing feature is the personal going near every project and quality of the executed work guarantee. We are not engaged in creation of business sites-cards, but develop difficult on-line of the system with support of capacity in the conditions of the large loadings from hundred to ten of thousands of users on a site simultaneously.