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About Us

Why we?

In Emstarprodzhekt employ experts in the field of online auto parts business. We are the first in Ukraine and the CIS leaders. Our task - a successful project within a reasonable time and we solve it efficiently.

How we work?

Starting point of our work always is discussion of the future project and a customizing full TD (technical demands) under the project. After statement TD we calculate preliminary number of the hours necessary for implementation TD. And only after the calculation of hours under the project - we take an advance payment and begin projecting and coding.

Than we it is better than others?

If we undertake the project - we lead up it to logic end in the stipulated terms. The majority of our projects are successful web resources bringing the income to their owners and benefit to site visitors.

Who is on the photo?

Michael Starovoit, founder of the company with the nickname mstar. Most often the first contact future customers happens to him, he was our face and the permanent head, hr, Project Manager and prodazhnik.

Who we?

MstarProject company was established in 2006. Legal entity - LLC EmstarProdzhekt.Company MstarProject has been created in 2006. The legal person - MstarProject LLC.

MstarProject - small, but constantly developing ukraine outsourcing company of programmers and project managers. We see our purpose of our existence in granting IT services in Ukrainian and Russian Internet. We work since 2004 and for this time had time to create and support set of projects of various complexity. We do not brag quantity as we see the best result in quality of handed over projects.

And except for sites what we can?

Though the basic direction of our work is creation and promotion web sites, also we can offer accompanying sofware for web of systems.

What technologies we use?

The majority of our projects is made for LAMP (Linux Apache MySql Php). Also we use such products and technologies as Java, C++, Javascript, Ajax, XML, MS Sql, Postgres, Oracle etc.

You have still questions?

Cunsult with our expert we shall be glad to fruitful cooperation.
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