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Development of web sites for auto parts, auto catalogs and automation of business cars


MstarProject – the company with wide experience of web software development.
    We are always glad to offer our clients such services as:
  • Development and creation of sites
  • Support of existing projects including developed by other company or team
  • Promotions of a site and the help with search of a target audience, and also contextual advertising from such leading suppliers as Adwords, Direct and Begun
  • Consultation on other IT issues
  • Registration of domains and a hosting service for our projects

Our distinctive feature is a personal approach to each project and the warranty of the implemented result. We are not engaged in creation of small sites, we develop complex online systems with support of serviceability in conditions of the big loadings from hundred up to tens thousand users on a site simultaneously. Our successful projects you can estimate a web in section Portfolio .

Among our customers such brands as:


Solutions for auto parts and goods online retail provided by MstarProject are, in our opinion, the best of the existing ready-made solutions available on the market. The ability to adapt and develop the project within the broad framework is an indisputable advantage of the products of Company MstarProject.
Alexander Rybalchenko -
Auto parts website «Mpanel» Content Management System - this is actually a solution to our problems arose at the start of Partmaster. On the one hand, it facilitates the current tasks for complex orders in auto parts resolving, on the other - it is the engine of innovation. We hope for further productive cooperation with a team of programmers. We believe that every day in conjunction with MstarProject staff we improve our business and simplify the relationship with our customers. Good luck and and prosperity.
Kamil Aliev - Partmaster
«MIRAUTO SARL» - is French (Russian-speaking) company specializing in spare parts for cars internet - sales. Our company develops rapidly and steadily, and the website is an integral part of this process. Our website exists a little more than a year. During this time, its design changed a few times, a lot of user support services, information and marketing sections were added, everything connected with the maximum automation of the production process is done. The most important thing that our website develops with us, and very often new modules and components designed specifically for us in accordance to our specifics, made it possible to reach a new level in our company development in a competitive environment, where today wins one who uses more modern technology. The company "MstarProject" is a powerful weapon in this struggle. It is important to note the fact that we get in time and qualified technical support on all matters related to the operation of our site, possible positive and negative effects, which helps to avoid mistakes in the work that is equal to the loss of profit in on-line mode. At the moment, we are very satisfied with the results of cooperation with "MstarProject" and hope for further collaboration and development in this area.
Vitaliy Popov - Mirauto
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